Bromex was established in 2001 as a family company.

Bromex appeared in the market as a as a family enterprise set up by Mr. Paweł Broniarek.
During the initial period of our business, we were dealing with importing and cleaning white mustard seeds.
As the time was passing by, Bromex expanded its choice of products and also enhanced and upgraded their factoring plant, becoming a reasonable choice for customers from all over the world. Owing to our experience, as well as competitiveness and stability we could win trust of numerous new customers.
To meet market expectations half way in 2010 we erected a modern manufacturing shop, along with warehouses and silos. Being a leader on the domestic market, we enhanced our offer by more than a dozen new products that enable us the competitive advantage and strengthened our position as a sector leader.

A new plant for cleaning seeds was launched in 2012, which doubled our manufacturing capacities.
Also in the same year a new plant for milling of our products was set in motion. It meant that we conquered a new market segment and proved ourselves as a supplier of pulverized products that are predominantly delivered to end users.

Dynamic growth of the company compelled us to commence a new project that ended up in 2014 when a new manufacturing plant was completed together with a warehouse with its capacity for more than 1,400 standard palettes.

Even this year, we launched construction of a new plant with the timeline to complete the investment not later than in spring 2015.